Director: Lariso – Countries: Italy, Germany, Portugal

The project is addressed to young people with autism spectrum disorder and special needs through a 3-month internship which lasts 90 hours and involves 10 young adults from each country (Italy, Germany, Portugal).

Project phases:

1) Four training modules (tot. 90 hours) will take place both in classroom and in a virtual environment. The approach aims to develop empowerment and to acquire hard and soft skills through innovative tools (augmented reality, escape room) in order to facilitate the matching between young adults and companies in a work experience.

2) Planning and managing a 3-month WBL (work based learning) or a 3-month internship in a company

3) Evaluation of the results and the skills acquired.

4) Methodologies attachment providing information about approaches and working methods selected.

5) Analysis map attachment about weaknesses and strenghts, risks and opportunities as a useful tool for intervention